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ProMax® Water Heating Solutions


ProMaxProMax® is an economical water heater designed for households that need an exceptional performer and provides long-lasting value. Patented “Eco-Friendly” design reduces NOx emissions by up to 33% and complies with less than 40 ng/j requirements for low NOx.

ProMax® Plus High RecoveryGreat for big families and high-demand applications, the ProMax® Plus High Recovery model delivers hot water up to 150 gallons in the first hour.

ProMax® High EfficiencyThe ProMax® Plus High Efficiency line can help reduce homeowner energy bills and also qualifies for most gas utility rebate programs, Energy Star Home Program recommendations and California Title 24 requirements.

ProMax® Side LoopSide Loop units are used for installation with combination space heating/potable water heating applications (i.e.: heat exchanger) or any system requiring a recirculating hot water loop.

ProMax® Ultra-Low NOxFeaturing the Ultra-Low NOx Burner System, these water heaters help to reduce NOx emissions by 10-15% and decrease NOx emissions by up to four times.

ProMax® Ultra-Low NOx High Recovery GCBNThis model is equipped with a pre-wired, factory-mounted blower. This blower produces a pre-ignition draft of make-up air prior to burner ignition, provides more efficient control of heat and helps ensure an adequate supply of make-up air.

ProMax® Ultra-Low NOx High Recovery GCNThe GCN-100 is an atmospheric vent, residential gas water heater with NOx emissions of less than 14 ng/j and meets the thermal efficiency standby loss requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and Current Edition ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1.